"Tailback U": UNC Football 1,000-yard rushers

There have been 26 North Carolina running backs who have rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season.

2012Giovani Bernard1,228
2011Giovani Bernard1,253
1997Jonathan Linton1,004
1993Curtis Johnson1,034
1993Leon Johnson1,012
1992Natrone Means1,195
1991Natrone Means1,030
1988Kennard Martin1,146
1986Derrick Fenner1,250
1984Ethan Horton1,247
1983Ethan Horton1,107
1983Tyrone Anthony1,063
1982Kelvin Bryant1,064
1981Kelvin Bryant1,015
1980Amos Lawrence1,118
1980Kelvin Bryant1,039
1979Amos Lawrence1,019
1978Amos Lawrence1,043
1977Amos Lawrence1,211
1976Mike Voight1,407
1975Mike Voight1,250
1974Jim Betterson1,082
1974Mike Voight1,033
1973Sammy Johnson1,006
1970Don McCauley1,720
1969Don McCauley1,092

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